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Luce Majicus, Blackpool

Luce Majicus is the newest of Blackpool attractions being a sensual stimulation, an immersive and interactive experience, perfect for families and captivating for any age.

This attraction is totally different, it unites the latest technology blending together with the Chinese tradition of lantern craft to create an illuminating walk through attraction yet with surprises throughout.

Our attraction bringing together light, sound and nature, an experience not to be missed here at Luce Majicus.

Chinese History Area

The Chinese area is wondrous, including the Chinese First Emperor and his lions, the dragons, the twelve Chinese Zodiac signs and then the ultimate in Chinese history, the Terracotta Warriors.

In addition, there is yet another area that every visitor will be delighted to see, but that remains a surprise, come and visit, you will not be disappointed.

Wheelchair friendly, we also cater for educational tours and for children’s parties with a fish and chip supper

This attraction is educational, you will learn facts that most won’t know, it is inspiring with colourful displays and one you will want to return to continually.

Illuminated Garden Area

Walk through the illuminated garden area, see the live reptiles, the aviary of beautiful birds and then the aquarium of tropical fish.

Are the frogs real or models? You will have to come and see and make up your own mind.

Meet with Luce the lizard, an Argus Monitor, more than a metre long now but probably growing considerably longer.

Due to unforeseen problems with the building at Luce Majicus we will not be open until further notice.

Please keep watching and following our page for further updates.

We are very sorry for any inconvenience caused.


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